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Sunday, August 06, 2006

final summer swappieness

anyone interested in these six past issues of BUST magazine? i've been holding onto them because i love looking at their little spines in my bookshelf, but realized that i don't really thumb through them anymore. please give them a new life and a new home.

sonia sanchez rocks. and this book, wounded in the house of a friend, rocks. and to top it off, this is a signed copy. but it's not signed to me.
it says "to sister johanna- walk beautifully! in love/struggle- sonia sanchez. 2/24/97"

even though i love this book, every time i look at it i feel that it's destined for a new home, someone else that can love it more than i can.

are you this person?

do you know who this person may be?

comment or email me first and this book is yours.

tissue holder #1


and #5

so this is the final summer swap- a bit of housekeeping of sorts. purging. please take my things! and swap a piece of yourself with me.


Blogger a m y said...

may i please have the book? it looks fabulous!

thanks...my e-mail is coffeeandsunshine@gmail.com so we can work out the details :)

11:42 AM

Blogger The Whole Self said...

amy- it's yours- i'll email you asap!

7:27 PM

Anonymous jojo said...

can i please claim the rest of the sniff pockets for sept 16?! i'll find something fun to swap for them. we want to have them at the ceremony. please? xo

9:05 AM

Blogger Ramona said...

I don't have anything to swap at the moment but I love the idea of your swapping blog.

8:07 PM

Blogger Danielle said...

can i claim the bust collection? i just discovered this magazine about a month ago..it was the one with the yeah yeah yeah's on the cover. i would subscribe but i'm broke!
p.s. i love this swappie bloggie

7:36 AM

Blogger Pretty Lady said...


1:08 PM

Anonymous femily said...

oh swaparamamamamama, jojo just told me about your brilliant blogswap idea and i am now obsessively checking for swappy delights. you rock. 500 merry winters to you, miss pretty swaparamamamamamama. :)

6:43 PM


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