Where I have some stuff, and you swap me for it.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

first round

gray's photo of our umbrella outside

hello my dear swappie friends,
the first batch of swappie packages are going to be sent out today, as soon as we can all brush our teeth and get out to the post office in the rain. so please excuse the packages if they are covered in dried little raindrop spatters!

can i just tell you how happy swappies makes me? i love putting together everyone's little packs.

there are still some pretties left for the taking, and more waiting in the wings, so don't be shy!

hope you are all having wonderful rain-spattered days!


Monday, June 26, 2006

poor me

seven more left peeps- now i'm having an inferiority complex! nobody loves me?

sending smoochesandswaplove to the ladies who have already taken some pretties. xoxo

welcome swappie friends

red berry- taken by femiknit mafia!

rosie posie- taken by jen!

bocce ball

orange juice- taken by amanda kathryn!


fruit salad- taken by angela at love green dog!

dancin' queen

classy- taken by mindy!

summer breeze- taken by ani at pancakemama!

tuscany- taken by acumamakiki!

crew- taken by hildy!

fancy lady- taken by danielle!

garden club- taken by knittingmama!

lemonade- taken by mama al!

here are the goodies up for swap today, as promised. you'll have to excuse the poor lighting and bad pictures, but we've had two straight months of gloomy and dreary rain here, so this is as good as it's going to get. i could've got all fancy and taken nice shots of these babies, but frankly, i figured you'd get the point from these pics.

how to do it:

choose your pin. leave a comment or email me re: which one you choose. leave me your address, too. as requests come in, i'll update the blog with "taken" so you know which ones are left to choose from. i'll pop them in the mail this week before i leave for vacation.

like i said before with my last swap (which i thought was awesomely successful, mainly for me, because i got all these fabulous treats!)- i don't care what you swap for. a piece of paper, a postcard. a piece of you. i'm not picky. i just love mail, love my bloggie peeps, love love love. it's all about spreading the pin love.

if you've already swapped before, it's ok to swap again! what a compliment that you'd want another one. past swappers have said that they like to add their pins to their summer bags or tankies.

and stay tuned for future swaps- i've got more tricks up my future-sleeves.

so email me quick quick quick! and again, sorry for the bad pictures!

each pin is made my hand, all with wool felt, and mostly with vintage buttons and fabrics.

all the goodies

Sunday, June 25, 2006

check check

check in tomorrow party peeps for what's up for swappin'. lots of new pin lovins that weren't taken at the rained out antique fair this past weekend. so check check check it out tomorrow when i can get my head out of my fanny (after some java juice).